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Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
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Non steroid anti-inflammatory with antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action
Phenylbutazone 200mg/mL.

BUTAFLEX is indicated for the treatment of different disorders associated with skeletic-muscular system.


- After its administration, the drug gets distributed in the whole body, but there is more concentration in liver, heart, kidney and lungs. It joins the plasmatic proteins in 99%.

- The fenilbutazone may move other medicines that join plasmatic proteins such as warfarine, so there may be a serious haemorrhage.

- Its average life in serum is:

Horses – 3.5 to 6 hours; cows – 40 hours; dogs – 2.5 hours. However, its therapeutic efficiency can be of more than 24 hs.

- In horses and other species, the fenilbutazone is almost completely metabolized, first to oxifenbutazone (active) and to gamma-hidroxifenilbutazone. The unaltered medicine has not been identified in 36 hs urinary samples of the dog. Both, fenilbutazone and oxifenbutazone go through the placenta and get excreted in the milk.

- The greatest pharmacological activity of the fenilbutazone is apparently induced by oxifenbutazone.

- The oxifenbutazone has basically pharmacological effects, therapeutic uses and toxicological effects similar to the fenilbutazone ones.


Horses: 1-2 g / 454 kg (2.2 to 4.4 mg/kg or 0.55 to 1.1 ml/50 kg) per day; the first day, only one application. Then, reduce the doses to the half and apply for four days. Do not exceed 4 g per day.

Dogs: 22 mg/kg per day (1.1. ml/10 kg) divided in 3 doses. Do not exceed 800 mg/day, although the dog is heavier.

The intravenous administration must be limited to only 5 consecutive days. If you need to extend the treatment, continue via oral. The injection must be done slowly.

Duration of the treatment:

It is suggested not to exceed 5 days treatment. If there was no important clinical effect after the 5th day, perform a new treatment and diagnosis evaluation.


IV injectable.


Sterile injectable solution 100 ml/vial. Multidoses containers.


BUTAFLEX is indicated for serious laminitis; arthritis, spondilitis, osteoarthritis, tendinitis, serious tenosinovitis, capsulitis, bursitis and rheumatism; it reduces pain and inflammation in tissues as well as the fiber in case of viral infections.

BUTAFLEX is used to extend reproduction life in grown studs that suffer from osteoarthritis and other pain processes in the legs.

In dogs, it is also indicated in case of serious uveitis, coriorrentinitis, endoftalmitis, cornea injuries and ocular globe.


• Do not apply on animals that show hypersensitive to the active principle.

• Do not apply on animals that show previous haematologic disorders or gastrointestinal ulcers.

• It is contraindicated in animals that show hepatic, kidney or cardiac insufficiency.

• Safety during pregnancy has not been guaranteed, however, it can be used when the therapy benefits surpass the risks.

• It can produce gstrointestinal effects (dispepsia, ulcers, diarrhoea, anorexia), renal blood fluid reduction and blood discracias.

• Be careful with ponies because they are more sensitive to adverse effects.

• The fenilbutazone and its active metabolism, the oxifenbutazone can move other drugs, and so affect serum levels and its duration as oral anticoagulants, other antinflammatory agents and sulfonamides.

• The fenilbutazone extends the average life span of peniciline G or lithium and antagonizes with furosemide.

• It can interfere in the tiroidea function tests because it competes with tiroxine where it joins the protein.


• Verify that the inviolability sistems of the product and its storage conditions before use are the propper ones, as well as its expiration date expressed on the label.

• Verify that the product administration follows indications (oral administration). Do no exceed the doses suggested in the label.

• The product IV administration must be done slowly.

• Do not swallow. Keep away from the reach of children.

• Keep between 4 and 25ºC, protect from direct sunlight, in dry and clean place.

• Always ask your veterinarian for advice.

• Recyclable container. Destroy after use. Do not contaminate the environment.


Horses: restrict 96 hours before the race.

Do not apply on horses for human consumption.

Presentation: x 100 ml.
Action: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
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