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Cortivet Depot Action
Corticoid anti-inflammatory
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These dexamethasones lack the salt retaining properties of other related adrenal hormones, but have the same anti-inflammatory properties as any other corticoid. This product is a useful therapeutic tool in acute and chronic inflammatory processes because of the different vehicles used, which allow it to exert its action in both inflammatory stages. The acetate form of Dexamethasone is effective from 4 to 14 days after application.
It is important to mention that the use of intra-articular corticoid therapy is controversial since there is evidence that high doses or applications over a long period can damage the articular cartilage. On the other hand, the vehicle used in this product makes the systemic absorption to be very low when applied judiciously.
It can prevent the retraction of wounds caused by surgery or injury as it delays scar formation.

It is indicated for shock, stress, neonatal maladjustment syndrome, head injuries, medullary compressions, bronchospasms, allergic reactions, autoimmune syndromes, dermatitis and inflammations of the locomotive system and in arthritis caused through injury by intra-articular via.

0,05 – 0,02mg/kg body weight
1 – 4 mL/100kg body weight
IV, IM; or Intraarticular

In intra-articular applications the doses will depend on the desired effect and the capacity of the articulation to be treated.

It must not be used in viral, fungal and bacterial infections which are not specifically treated, because it favours the spreading of the same throughout the organism.
Do not use when gastric ulcers are suspected because they increase harmful activity by increasing the hydrochloric and peptic secretions.

Keep the product in a clean, dry place between 4º and 30ºC and out of children's reach.
Veterinary use

How supplied
Glass flask x 10 mL.

Cortivet Depot Formula Quantities
Dexamethasone, 21 Phosphate
25 mg
Dexamethasone acetate
25 mg
Formulation agents qs
10 ml

Presentation: x 10 ml.
Action: Corticoid anti-inflammatory
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