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Cumedrol Depot
Corticoid anti-inflammatory
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For canine and feline sport horses, muscle, skeletal, anti-inflammatory, indicated to alleviate the pain and claudication associated with localized or generalized acute arthritis. It is also indicated in traumatic rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid osteoarthritis, traumas, osteoarthritis periostitis, tendinitis, synovitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis, and myostitis of horses and arthritis, osteoarthritis and generalized artistic conditions in dogs. Remission of musculoskeletal conditions may be permanent as symptoms may reappear depending on the cause and extent of the injury.
Dermatology Antiallergic: It is especially indicated for the relief of pruritus and inflammation of allergic dermatitis. acute dry dermatitis, dry eczema, urticaria, asthma, sensitivity to pollen, allergic otitis externa in dogs, dry and moist allergic dermatitis in cats. The onset of the effect may begin within a few hours or days and may last for several days and up to 6 weeks.


The product is administered intramuscularly and intrasynovial in horses and canines and intramuscular or subcutaneous in felines.
Equine: as anti-inflammatory agent: 0.5 mg / kg body weight via IM
Canines: as anti-inflammatory agent: 1.1 mg / kg body weight via IM
Felines: as an anti-inflammatory agent: 1.1 mg / kg body weight via IM or SC
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Dose and intrasynovial administration
Equines: The initial average dose for large joints is 120 mg with a range of 40 to 240 mg. Smaller joints will require a lower dose.
Canines: The average initial dose for large joints in dogs is 20 mg. Minor joints will require a corresponding lower dose.


Bottle x 5 ml.

(200 mg of Methylprednisolone Acetate).

Presentation: x 5 ml.
Action: Corticoid anti-inflammatory
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