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D.M.S.O. 90
Analgesic Anti-Inflammatory
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Immediate analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Sterile solution. Does not crystallize under low temperatures.

Category: Analgesics. Anti-inflammatories.
Suited for: Horses. Small animals.

Sterile solution.
Does not crystallize under low temperatures.
Immediate analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect


90% Dimethylsulfoxide sterile solution.


Component Quantity
Dimethylsulfoxide 90 gr.
Sterile water q.s. 100 ml.


DMSO 90 is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic to apply locally on contusions, edemas, myositis, bursitis, sprains, arthritis, wounds. Dimethylsulfoxide makes absorption of other external use drugs easier and can maximize the effect of drugs administered systematically.

For sport horses and dogs.

Route of administration

Local external use only.


Animal Dosage
Horses Dab the area to treat three times a day, the maximum dosage is 100 ml daily. Continue treatment at the discretion of the animal health professional, no more than 14 days.
Dogs 5 to 10 ml/day, distributed in 2 to 3 applications, no more than 14 days.

Precautions and contraindications

Apply with brush or swab over the area to treat, previously sanitized. Avoid contact of the medicine with the skin, use rubber gloves.
Redness or ampulla with little importance may occasionally appear. It can cause dryness of the area treated, which is why it is recommended to apply lanolin or similar moisturizer after every application of DMSO 90..
Do not apply together with cholinesterase inhibitors (Phosphor).
Apply without rubbing.
Do not apply on pregnant females or on animals for reproduction or human consumption.


100 ml bottle
with airtight top.

Presentation: x 100 ml.
Action: Analgesic
Action: Anti-Inflammatory
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