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Anti-Inflammatory Enzymatic
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Anti-inflammatory. Enzymatic. Injectable.

Alfa Quimotripsine 400000 IU.
Trypsin 100,000 IU.
Hyaluronidase 500 IU.
D.M.S.O. 1000 mg.
Nipagin 200 mg.
Sol. Physiological csp. 100 ml.
pH: 7.5

Aids in the treatment of inflammations and edemas in general. Traumatic pericarditis. Ulcers. Suppurative arthritis. Keratoconjunctivitis. Osteomyelitis, etc. Antimicrobial therapy adjuvant. In this case administer the corresponding dose, together with the antibiotic, in separate syringes. Indicated in local conditions where proteolysis of dead tissues (Biological Curet) is necessary.

Bovine and Equine:
10 ml. every 12-24 hours.
Canines and Felines:
1-2 ml. every 12-24 hours.
Sheep and Swine:
5 ml. every 12-24 hours.
Intramuscular route. Local application.

Bottles x 100 ml.

Presentation: x 100 ml.
Action: Anti-Inflammatory
Action: Enzymatic
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