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Dexa 21 Fosfato
Corticoid anti-inflammatory
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Antiinflamatory steroidal

Indications: Anaphylactic, traumatic shock. Local or general allergic or inflammatory reactions. Neuritis, bursitis, arthralgias, sinovitis, mialgias. Eczemas, rash. Prevention of transport stress. Bovine ketosis. Ovine ketosis. Udder edema in combination with diuretics. Birth induction in bovines and ovines.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology: Equines 5 to 10 cc
Slow intravenous, intramuscular, intrasinovial, intrarticular, local infiltrations.

Adverse Effects: Hyperadrenocorticism caused by continuous corticoid high doses for a long period of time. Hypoadrenocorticism due to the abrupt discontinuation of the drug after a prolonged treatment. Retard of healing processes. Also high doses and prolonged treatments in equines may cause the increase of hydrochloride and pepsin in the stomach, with the consequent production of gastric ulcers. In cases of laminitis
In reproduction: Do not administer to animals in the last trimester of gestation because dexamethasone might cause undesired birth induction:
In mares: they are more resistant to this effect, as they require at least IM 100 mg doses of dexamethasone for three consecutive days to experience it, because this drug does not pass through the placental barrier in this species.

Presentation: Box containing a 50 ml vial (100mg)

Formula: Dexamethasone 21 phosphate...................0.2 g
Formulation agents qsf.............................100ml

Presentation: x 50 ml.
Action: Corticoid anti-inflammatory
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