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Ampicilina Complex
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Ampicillin is a betalactamic antibiotic which belongs to the aminopenicillin group and they act very well on gram-negative microorganisms and quite well on gram-positive bacteria. The association of sodic and benzathine forms grants the possibility of obtaining a quick action (sodic form) and maintaining it for a longer period (benzathine form), increasing in this way the interval between doses.

Ampicilina Complex Formula Quantities
Sodium Ampicillin
2,5 g
Benzathine Ampicillin
2,5 g
Sterile Diluent
Water for injectables
25 mL

Acute septicemias and endotoxic shock, and in association with Penicillin in urinary infections. It is also recommended in mixed infections of body cavities and organs; and infections of genito-urinary, musculo-skeletal (septic arthritis) and respiratory systems. Besides it is important to emphasize its excellent action on Clostridium organisms. It is effective on Escherichia coli and some species of Salmonella when it is injected in high doses.

Adult horses: 5 – 20mg/kg body weight
Foals: 11-22mg/kg body weight
IV; IM; Intra-uterine
Intrauterine infusions: dissolve 3 g in 250mL of Physiological solution

Do not administer together with dextrose saline solutions because it looses its effect. Otherwise it has no contraindications due to the fact that it is a drug of very low toxicity.
Penicillins are contraindicated in patients who have a history of hipersensitivity to them.

Keep the product in a clean, dry place between 4º C and 30ºC and out of children's reach.
After reconstituting, it remains stable for 48 hs if refrigerated (2ºC- 8ºC)
Veterinary use

How supplied

Glass Flasks containing 5 g sterile powder +sterile diluent x 25mL

Presentation: x 25 ml.
Action: Antibiotic
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