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Ampiline Large
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Broad spectrum bactericide antibiotic.
Sterile powder Sodium Ampicilline Iyophilizedto reconstruct.

AMPILINE is an extemporary reconstituted Sodium Ampicillin. Ampicillin is a penicillin nucleus derivative. The difference between them is produced by the following ampicillin attributes: its board spectrum, its bactericide action that shows great antibacterial capacity and its greater activity over those bacteria that shows beta- lactamase compounds resistance.

The ampicillin bactericide activity is developed during the bacterial multiplication period, acting over the synthesis inhibition of the muranilpeptides which constitute the micro-organism cell wall.

Sensitive Micro-organisms:

AMPILINE acts against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, including Corynebacterium, Listeria monocytogenes, Psteurella multocida, Streptococcus, Staphilococcus and certain kinds of Bacteroides and Clostridium; Spirochetas including Leptospira and Borrelia sp. Enterobacteria like E. Coli, Proteus mirabilis, Klebsiella and Salmonella are susceptible to ampicillin.

AMPILINE has wide diffusion in all tissues and body fluids, except spinal liquid and non swollen meninges. Its blood levels are high and persistent; its maximum blood concentration is reached 15-30 minutes after its parental application. 90% of ampicillin is excreted with no modifications through kidney via and its metabolites are microbiologically inactive.


Ampicillin can be combined with other bactericides agents such as Gentamicin, Amikacin, Sulfa/Trimethoprim, Chloramphenicol and Erythromycin.

Product Reconstitution:

Use needle and hypodermic syringe in sterile conditions to transfer the blister solvent to the vial containing the powder. Shake till the powder is completely dissolved, and you will obtain a translucent and amber solution. Wait till the foam resulting from the shaking is eliminated and –in right asepsis and antisepsis conditions- the indicated dose should be charged. The blister should be warm to improve the powder reconstitution. The product must be reconstituted when used. The rest should be discarded.


• Equines: IV/IM: 6.0 to 10.0 mg/kg every 8 to 12 hs.

• Bovines and Ovine: SQ/IM/IV: 10.0 to 20.0 mg/kg every 12 hs.

• Porcine: SQ/IM: 6.0 to 8.0 mg/kg every 8 to 12 hs.

• Canines and Felines: IV/SQ: 5.0 to 10.0 mg/kg every 6 to 8 hs.


Taking into account suggested doses, AMPILINE application is certain. If there is iatrogenic over-dosage, carry out fluid-therapy, dialysis or symptomatic treatment.


• Use IV for just born animals.

• If bolus IV application, apply all the dose in at least 3 minutes.

• As prevention in surgeries, apply before anaesthesia and stop medication 24 hours after end of surgery.

• In serious infections, it is suggested to apply a protocol with the minimum frequency during 24 hours via IV, depending on the supervision of the veterinarian in charge.

• Carry out antibiotic therapy for at least 7 days according to the chosen protocol and frequency.


SQ, IM, IV injectable.


Box containing 6 vials of 0,6 g each one of injectable sodium ampicillin, sterile lyophilized powder for dilution.

Final concentration of the reconstructed product:

6,0 g vial in 15 ml solvent 400 mg/ml.

Note: The reconstitution volumes are the minimum suggested. These volumes can be enlarged if the professional agrees. The antibiotic should be given in doses immediately after its reconstitution. Keep it 4ºC to achieve stability in solution within the following 48 hours.

The treatment should be continued during 72 hours after symptoms total remission. If after 4-5 days of treatment is not observed any improvement, the diagnosis and antibiotic choose should be evaluated."


AMPILINE is indicated for infections of: high and low respiratory system (tonsillitis, bronchopneumonia, pleuro-pneumonia and pleuritis), urinary tract and reproductive system, gastrointestinal and dermal infections (dermatitis, piodermatitis, carbunculosis, pustules, abscesses, wounds, cellulitis and perianal gland infections), mastitis, cavitaries infections such as septic peritonitis, metritis, arthritis and soft tissues in general. Pre and post surgery prevention with an antibiotic.

AMPILINE is a recommended antibiotic for bovines, sport equines, ovine, porcine, canines and felines of any race, sex, age and productive conditions.


- Do not administer in penicillin sensitive patients. If shock, apply epinephrine and hydrocortisone together with the corresponding symptomatic treatment.

- Do not combine with bacteriostatic agents.


Ampicillin is generally well tolerated in non allergic patient at suggested doses, via and frequencies. If there are symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, itch or allergic reactions can be seen in sensitive animals. In those cases, stop medication and start a symptomatic treatment.


- Bovines: Do not destine meat or tissues obtained from the treated animals to human consumption during the treatment or until 144 hours (6 days) after the treatment. Milk could be used for human consumption only 48 hours after the treatment.

- Equines: Sport horses exclusively, not for human consumption.

- Porcine: Wait 15 days after treatment to destine meat or tissues obtained from the treated animals to human consumption.


- Do not mix with alkaline substances, with carbohydrates solutions or with blood derivatives or protein hydrolyzed;

- Do not mix with amino-glucosidal agents in the same container.

- Do not swallow. Keep out of the reach of children.

- Keep the product non reconstructed at 4º - 30ºC, protect from direct sun light, in a clean and dry place.

- Recommended doses and warnings are to be determined by the veterinarian in charge.

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Action: Antibiotic
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