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Ceftocidin Endo
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Topical antibiotic for the treatment of the uterine infections (endometritis).

Composition: Cephalexin 2 g, Penicillin G Procaine 2 g; Excipient q.s. 5 ml.

Therapeutic action: It is suitable for infectious endometritis so much in bovine as in equine, caused by sensitive germs, that is to say, endometritis sub acute or chronicle (female lecturer for infectious cause), with or without appearance of secretions for vulva. It should not be used in metritis or sharp endometritis with volumes of collection superiors to ½ liter (pus, blood ). In these cases it should be evacuated the uterus appropriately, to cause the correct division of the luteus body (medicinal or gynecological way) and recently later to execute the treatment.

Use: bovines and horses.

Presentación: CEFTOCIDIN Endo is presented in athermic box containing 1 sterile injector and 1 annexed sterile intra-uterine canula.

Presentation: Syringe
Action: Antibiotic
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