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Ceftocidin Secado
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Cefalosporinic antibiotic, has unique characteristics for therapeutics of the infections in the mammary gland.

Composition: Cephalexin 100 mg, Neomicyn Sulphate 50 mg, Penicillin G Procaine 300 mg. Excipient q.s. 5 ml.

Therapeutic action: It is recommended for daily use in all cows when they start the dry period. Its benefits include the prophylactic aspect; it doesn't allow infection during this period, and minimizes the risks of infection during the next lactancy. It will also help cure
sub clinic mastitis.

Use: bovines

Presentation: athermic boxes containing 20 STERILE injector with "flex rings".

Presentation: Syringe
Action: Antibiotic
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