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Equigenta Vet 8%
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Gentamicine is a bactericide antibiotic of the aminoglycosides family and acts in an excellent way on aerobic Gram-negative bacteria. It does not act on anaerobic micro-organisms, which implies that it is a synergic antibiotic of betalactames since these act in excellent way on Gram-positive bacteria.
Gentamicin acts on susceptible bacteria presumably by irreversibly binding to the 30S ribosomal subunit thereby inhibiting protein synthesis. It is considered to be a bactericidal antibiotic.
The lethal effect on bacterial cells seems to be related to the formation of abnormal canals in the cellular membranes.
Gentamicin does not readily cross the bloodbrain barrier or penetrate ocular tissue. On the other hand as it does not get through the cellular membranes it has little effect on microorganisms which reproduces intracellularly.
It is more active at alkaline pH, so that it is not indicated for urinary infections where pH can decrease to 5.5 For the same reason, it can´t be used in purulent processes such as abscesses.

It is excellent for polyarthritis and septicemias of the foals, septic arthritis, uterine and urinary infections, bacterial keratitis, pneumonia produced by Rhodococcus Equi and peritonitis. Also against infections produced by Escherichia coli, P.aeruginosa and K pneumoniae. In respiratory infections it can be administered in aerosol form.

Foals: 3,3 mg/kg body weight; Every 12 hs
Adult horses: 2-4mg/kg body weight Every 8 – 12hs

Slow IV Septic arthritis: intra-articular via (50 mg/mL – intra-articular) and 3.3 mg/kg every 12 hours IV.
Uterine infections: 10 mg/ml in 250 ml of tepid physiological solution intra-uterine, once a day.

It is potentially nephrotoxic when it is used in long term treatments (more than 7 days). The application previous to the mating season or at the moment of it, influences fertility by affecting conception.

Apply slowly intravenous. Keep the product in a clean, dry place between 5º and 35 ºC and out of children's reach.
Veterinary use.

How supplied
Glass flask x 100 mL of sterile injectable solution.

Equigenta - Vet Formula Quantities
Gentamicin sulphate
8 g
Formulation agents qs
100 ml

Presentation: x 100 ml.
Action: Antibiotic
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