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Fleanet AG
Anti miasis Antiseptic Healings
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Antiseptic, repellent and healing agent.
Cypermethrin, Fenitrothyon, Silver Sulphadiazine, Aluminum powder.

Great knocking, penetration and adherence power in complex wounds.


Spray the affected area holding the container 15/20 cm away the affected area. Repeat treatment one or two times during 4-5 days.

Due to its special tube/valve the drug can be applied horizontally or vertically.

In case of dehorning, castration, tail docking or other surgical activities, apply immediately.


External use. Spray the affected area.


Tinplate, net contents: 440 ml/16 Oz. Seamless aluminum tubes, double action valve -with self-cleaning system- that allows vertical and inverted dosage. This special valve avoids fractures during manipulation and avoids fillings.


FLEANET AG is used to prevent and treat miasis, in general wounds, tail docking, castration, dehorning and just born navel. In surgical proceedings, it protects wounds from infections.


- Treated animals cannot be destined to human consumption until 7 days after the last treatment.

- The milk obtained from treated animals cannot be destined to human consumption or industrialization until 72 hours after the last treatment.

- Intoxication symptoms: sickness, nausea, vomits, colic, respiratory difficulty. Ask a doctor.

Antidote: Atropine Sulfate 1%. Dose: 1 ml injectable via.


- Handle with care.

- Avoid its inhalation, use in the same direction than the wind.

- Do not smoke, eat or drink while using the product.

- Wash your hands after its use.

- Do not perforate. Do not spray over flame, do not throw near fire or expose to temperatures higher than 50ºC.

- Verify that the inviolability sistems of the product and its storage conditions are suitable.

Presentation: x 440 ml.
Action: Anti miasis
Action: Antiseptic
Action: Healings
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