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Hydrosoluble antiseptic bactericidal external use ointment for horses and dogs

Each 100 g contains:

Benzalkonium chloride 0.10 g
Poliethylenglycols and formulation agents qs ad 100 g

Clinical pharmacology
Powerful local, chemiotherapic, bactericidal, antiinflammatory antiseptic

Indications and usage
Treatment of superficial bacterial infections of wounds, burns, cutaneous ulcers, and eczema. Antiinflammatory in edemas, exertions, traumatisms, tendinitis, bursitis, sores

Dosage and administration
Cover the affected area with sufficient ointment twice to three times a day. It can bandaged. Dissolved in water, it can be used as a liquid antiseptic

Duration of treatment:
- Dogs: It must not last more than 14 days
- Horses: It must not last more than 30 days

Counterindications and Warnings
Prolonged exposure to light and high temperatures can produce darkening of the product though its activity is not altered. Only intended for dogs and horses for sports

Restrictions in usage
Not to be used in animals intended for human consumption

How supplied
Pot 500 g.

Presentation: x 500 g.
Action: Antiseptic
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