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Diuretic Anti-Inflammatory
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Formula : Dexamethasone sodium phosphate 0.6%, Trichlormethiazide 1%.

INDICATIONS: In cattle and sheep: congestion and udder edema. Persistence of the lactation edema. Lung edema and congestion. Edema of allergic manifestations. Edematous infiltration of surgical injuries. In horses: congestion and edemas of different origins. Declive edema. Edema of allergic mani-festations. DOSAGE: General Clinic. In cattle, sheep and horses: 0.5 ml every 20 kg of body weight, in one application every 24 hours, depending on the evolution of the case and professional`s criteria. In udder edema: 10 to 20 ml total every 24 hours, repeating the treatment once again, if necessary. ADMINISTRATION: Intramuscular. DURATION OF TREATMENT: According to professional ´s criteria. COMMERCIAL PRESENTATION: 15ml and 30ml glass vial.

Presentation: x 30 ml.
Action: Diuretic
Action: Anti-Inflammatory
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