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Ciproheptadina G
Anabolic Muscular tonic
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Appetite stimulant for Sport Horses

Benefits: CIPROHEPTADINA increases appetite, favors muscular development, stimulates hepatic function and digestive juices secretion, and acts as general tonic.

Indications: Anorexia. Avitaminosis. Loss of weight. Lack of growth. Convalescence. Muscular weakness. Non specific tonic.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology: 10 ml every 100 Kg (220lb) of live weight (adult 50 ml) once a day, directly in mouth two hours before the ration. Administrate during 20 consecutive days or according to the indication of the veterinary doctor. Repeat the treatment each time is necessary.

Presentation: Bottle x 1 L, x 5 L, x 10 L.

Formula: Ciproheptadine chlor 100mg, Lysine chlor 10g, Betaine chlor 3g, Vitamin B12 2mg, Excipients q.s 100ml


Presentation: x 1 L.
Action: Anabolic
Action: Muscular tonic
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