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Equiprost (prostaglandin 10 doses)
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Equiprost is a similar synthetic of the prostaglandin F alpha. Each ml. of solution contains 125 fluprostenol ug.

Equiprost is an specific corpus luteum for equine, producing a morphological and functional regression of the luteal body, followed by a return to the zeal among two to four days later to the treatment with a normal ovulation. It should be remembered that there is ,among animals, one period in wich they will be refractory to the treatment that goes from the ovulation to 6 to 7 days later, where the corpus luteum effects of the prostaglandins are not manifested. Equiprost has a wide therapeutic index not producing in mares such undesirable secondary actions as taquipnea, tachycardia, sudoración, laryngeal spasm, etc. of the non-specific prostaglandins.

Synchronization of the zeal in mares, abortions in the first third of the gestation, induction of foal birth.

Not administer to pregnant females. Equiprost can be absorbed through skin reason why it should not be manipulated by pregnant women. When accidentally occur a contact with the skin, it must be wash immediately with abundant water. The prostaglandins of type F2 can cause bronchial spasms in men. If accidentally it is inhalationed or the injection with the rising problem quick action bronchodilatory like the isoprenalina or the salbutamol for inhalation.

Sterile multiple dose vial containing 10 doses of 2 ml each.

Therapeutic use:
- 2 ml. I.M. (250ug of fluoprostenol) for animal.

Seal synchronization:
- 2 ml. I.M. in females with follicles diestricos of at least 35 mm. of diameter (6 to 7 days before ovulation).

Presentation: x 20 ml.
Action: Prostaglandin
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