How to Buy?

1-Place your order online choosing the products of your interest.
2-Once you have chosen the products, you can change the quantity or delete a product inside the shopping cart.
3-The next step is to complete the registration form or if you are already registered, you will have to login.
4-Checkout. Complete the form with your shipping address.
5-Before you confirm the order, you can make us any comment or suggestion about our website or any product of your interest that it is not listed in our website.
6-We will reply you as son as posible with the payment method and shipping cost to your city/country.
NOTE: To confirm an order is not a purchase commitment.

En el margen superior derecho de nuestra pagina web usted podra seleccionar el tipo de moneda, si usted es residente argentino, por favor, seleccione la moneda "$ARS" para poder visualizar los productos en pesos argentinos.
Hacemos entrega en todo el país por transporte. Para pedidos dentro del GBA o Capital Federal podemos coordinar la entrega personalmente.

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