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Regenerator of articular cartilage. Injectable.

Indications: Antiarthrosis, antiarthritic. Noninfectious arthritis. Hydrarthrosis. Osteoarthritis and other degenerative pathologies. Chondromatoses. Tendonitis. Synovitis. Coadjuvant in the treatment and prevention of osteo-articular pathologies. Coadjuvant in repair of fractures post-osteoarticular surgery. Osteochondrosis. Anti-inflammatory joint.

1 to 5 kg; 0.5 ml. From 5 to 10 kg; 1 ml.
10 to 20 kg; 2ml. 20 to 30 kg; 3ml.

Apply these doses every 4 to 7 days intramuscularly or subcutaneously. The duration of the treatment is based on professional judgment, depending on the type of pathology and the patient's condition.

It is recommended to apply a minimum of 8 doses. Given the safety of the product, the doses can be increased and the treatment repeated, according to professional criteria.

EQUINES: Administer a dose of 5 ml with intervals of 4 to 7 days. A minimum of 5 applications intramuscularly. The treatment can be repeated according to professional criteria.

Condroitin Sulfate .... 12.5 Gr,
Exipient csp .......... 100 ml.

Presentation: 5 Bottles x 5 ml.
Action: Anti-arthritis
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