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Dertrisole Crema
Analgesic Anti-Inflammatory Anti-arthritis
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The first glycosaminoglycan in Argentina, developed for topical use.

Composition - Therapeutic action:
Dertrisole® is an oligosaccharide of Chondroitin sulfate salified with triethanolamine, produced by Syntex S.A. using own patented methods. It is the first glycosaminoglycan developed for topical use on the market, and its absorption through skin is guaranteed by its ultra low molecular weight (4 times lower than that of native Chondroitin sulfate), its high liposolubility and the rubefacient
effect of the Benzyl nicotinate used as excipient. Due to its rapid anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, Dertrisole® is the therapy of choice for the localized treatment of articular and tendinous inflammatory diseases, acute and subacute.

Arthritis, tendinitis, tendovaginitis, distortions, concusions, and articular exudations,
spondylitis, spondylarthrosis, epicondylitis, periarthritis, osteoarthritis, periostitis,
primary or secondary arthrosis, synovitis.

Dosage and Administration:
Localized treatment for equines, canines and felines:
Apply a thin layer over the affected area and gently rub into the skin
until complete absorption, once or twice a day, according to the severity of the symptoms.

100 g pot
Both Artroglycan® and Dertrisole®
contribute to keep the horse in athletic shape.

Presentation: x 100 g.
Action: Analgesic
Action: Anti-Inflammatory
Action: Anti-arthritis
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