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Antispasmodic Myorelaxant Analgesic
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Cholics and Spasms- Quick action for Horses.

Benefits: ANTILIS is a medical treatment of potent and effective action on cholics, myorelaxant, and analgesic, specially adapted for HORSES THOROUGHBRED or SPORT, which action is centered in the anatomic system: gastroenteric track, coledochus, urinary track, uterus, etc. With its use, cholics quickly decreases and in general, in a total and definitely form, with the quick recuperation of the animal. This result is commonly reached with the first dose, although if it is necessary, the treatment may be repeated one or two hours after the first administration.

Indications: Gastrointestinal spasm, hepatic. Spasm of urinary track (renal lithiasis, etc.). Postoperative cholics. Cervical and uterine spasms. Dystocical partum. Algias of plain fiber organs. Do not use in cholics aggravated by persistent constipation.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Adults 10 ml.
Young animals: 2ml every 100 Kg (220lb) of live weight. Repeat eventually one or more times a day, according to the indication of the veterinary doctor. IM or IV injection.

Presentation: Ampoule bottle 10 ml.

Formula: Hyoscine N- butyl bromide 1g, Papaverine Hydrochloride 1g, Dipyrone 25g, formulation agents q.s 100 ml

Presentation: x 10 ml.
Action: Antispasmodic
Action: Myorelaxant
Action: Analgesic
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