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Antidiarreheic Antiseptic
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Intestinal Disinfectant Antidiarreheic

Benefits: Pathologic intestine processes are noted with more frequency in horses which are commonly ought toan alteration in the bacterial content of enteric track, with the onsequent equilibrium break which normally exists between normal fermentative and putrefactive flora. To this cause must be added also contamination, generally alimentary, as well as nervous excitation or vegetal toxins ingestion. This pathology treatment must be focused from different points of view, given the difficulties for identification of process etiology presents: reestablishment of normal bacterial equilibrium, elimination of pathogenic flora, timpanism and toxins adsorption and definitive normalization of intestinal transit. BOLICOL is a complete association of medicines of spasmolitic, bactericide, gases and toxins adsorbent and restrained of colonic kinesia action, for quick and effective treatment of pathologic alterations of intestinal track, specially for those which are frequent with diarrheic syndrome. BOLICOL is innocuous and free of secondary reactions. End of treatment is not followed by constipation.

Indications: Diarrheas of bacterial or toxic origin. Enteritis. Gastroenteritis. Meterorism. Food infections.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology: Adult horses: 300 to 500 ml. or more, according to
necessity. Young colts: 50 to 200 ml. or more, according to necessity. Administrate directly in mouth or with water or catheter.

Presentation: Bottle x 500 ml and 1000 ml. Jars x 5 L and 10 L.

Formula: Ftalilsulphatiazol 2.6g, Dihydroestreptomicine sulfate 0.51g, Methyl bromide homatropina 0.5mg, Dimethylpolisiloxano 1g, Ultractivated coal polyvalent 0.5g, formulation agents q.s 100 ml


Presentation: x 1 L.
Action: Antidiarreheic
Action: Antiseptic
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