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Hepadochol Cume
Liver protector
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Oral Hepatoprotector

Hepatic insufficiencies. Jaundice infectious. Hepatic encephalitis. Cirrhosis in general. Hepatic-renal syndrome. As a complement of pharmacological treatment and/or nutritional treatment in sport equines.

Bottle x 100, 500 and 1.000 ml.

Canines: 10 to 30 kg.: Preventive Treatment: 5 ml. Curative treatment: 10 ml.
2 to 10 Kg.: Preventive Treatment: 25 ml. Curative Treatment: 5-10 ml.
Felines: Preventive Treatment: 20 drops.
Curative Treatment: 0,5-2,5 ml.
Equines and Bovines less than 500kg: Preventive Treatment: 15ml.
Curative Treatment: 45-60 ml.
Equines and Bovines more than 500kg: Preventive Treatment: 30ml.
Curative Treatment: 75-90 ml.
Oral Way

Metionine 1 g.
Bitartrate Choline 15 g.
Lysine 1 g.
Sorbitol 52,8 g.
Glutamate of Sodium 0,5 g.
Liver Extract 0,5 g.
Excipients csp 100,0 ml.

Presentation: x 500 ml.
Action: Liver protector
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