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Hepatofield (Hepatoprotector oral)
Liver protector
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Oral hepatic detoxificator

Benefits: Sportive horses are exposed to high levels of stress due to the almost permanent pressure and due to the consecutive treatments with Anti-inflammatory, Antiparasitics, Hematopojetics, Anabolics, Antiobiotics, and so on, which results-in almost the cases in hepatic problem of the Cholestasis type, due to obstructions of biliary drainage, intestinal congestions and inflammations, cholics and intoxications of exogenous and endogenous origin. The CHOLESTASIS SYNDROME is declared in sportive horses and camels with alterations such as: Anoxia, Loss of weight, Cutaneous disorders, Constipation, Halitosis, Intestinal putrefaction, Cecocolic tympanism and Flatulence, which, in case of not being properly treated generate an Asthenia which determines an important decrease of athlete performance and results.
HEPATOFIELD has proved, through large number of test a high effectiveness to solve Cholestasis problems on the 92% of cases, observing an immediate and complete clinical abatement of signs, no more than five days after treatment beginning.

Indications: Hepatic insufficiency, medicine intoxications, lack of appetite, training, and in occasions, overtraining. Activation of hepatic function.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology: 25 ml, daily, or twice a day during 10 days, every day or according to the indication of the Veterinary Doctor, before or after first feeding. In case excessive soft evacuations are observed, it is to be interrupted until normal consistence returns.

Presentation: Bottle x 500 and 1000 ml.

Formula: Tincture Artichoke 4ml, Tincture Boldus 4ml, Tincture Carqueja 4m, Baccharis Articulata, DL Methionine 1,2g, Sorbitol 70% 50g, formulation agents q s.

Important: May cause excessive softening of the stool, in which case the suspension of the product only recover their normal consistency.

Presentation: x 1 L.
Action: Liver protector
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