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Hepavit B12/15
Liver protector
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Vitamin, Restorative. Injectable.

Extract of pure Liver,
paste type OPO-7 12,5 g.
Folic Acid 0,1 g.
Vitamin B1, Hydrochloride 2,5 g.
Vitamin B2, phosphate 0,5 g.
Vitamin B6 0,25 g.
Vitamin B12
(cyanocobalamin) 212,5 mcg.
piridin-3-carboxilic(PP) 0,5 g.
Glucone-di (N-isopropylamin)
Sodic acetate 0,5 g.
sulfoxilate of sodium 0,1 g.
Bidistillate Water csp. 100 ml.

General tonic. Antiaenemic, stimulating of the hepatic function, betterment of the general state.
Associated with D- Normaline, the action will be desintoxicant and hepatic protector, dosed with Glucose Serum to the 50%, the function will be of strengthening.

10 ml. a day, mixed with 20 ml. of Agrofarma Glucose Serum to the 50% or D-Normaline, in identical proportion, or as the veterinarian prescribes.
Slow Endovenous Way.

Bottle x 10 ml.

Presentation: x 10 ml.
Action: Liver protector
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