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Antiulcer Capsules for Equines

Benefits: Any Vet Pro in Equines knows about the hight rate of stomach ulcers in its various degrees. The equine's physiology plus the stress caused by stable and training conditions are fundamental causes of the frequent occurrence of this gastric condition. Omeprazole is an efficient inhibitor of hydrochloric acid secretion and is the most used active ingredient for the treatment of gastric ulcers. All products presented as dough have, so far, an Omeprazole concentration over 2 grams. This means a high cost per dose that sometimes not permit the continuation of the treatment. Loyal to a policy of innovation and ever efficient products, Chinfield has developed Ulceraway Capsules, the most effective and economic solution against gastric ulcers syndrome, thanks to its capsules containing Omeprazole into Gastro-resistent grains. This prevents the drug from degrading in its transit to the small intestine, reaching 100% of the dose.
Indications: Prevention and treatment of gastric ulcers in the equine
Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.
Posology: Healing treatment: 6 capsules daily (1 blister)
Preventive treatment: 3 capsules daily
To avoid relapse of already cured ulcers: 3 capsules daily
Treatment must be administered before breakfast for 28 consecutive days. Repeat according to vet prescription.
Presentation: Box of 7 and 28 blisters of 6 capsules each, to be administered with a balling gun specially designed for 6 capsules each time (500 mg of Omeprazole).
Formula: Each capsule contains Omeprazole ...... 83.3 mg

Presentation: 28 Blister x 6 caps.
Action: Antiulcer
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