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Oral sedative

Benefits: RELAXATOL reassures the animal, without detriment to their mental and muscular functions. It does not affect the performance potential.
Notes: States of excitement of any kind. To calm animals are just beginning their training, for transportation, for medical examination, to provide services and calving. In pre-and postoperatively.
Indications: Nervous horses. Shipping pre medication. Tranquilization before racing or training. Surgery premedication. Nervous stallions. Nervous mares.
Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.
Posology: According to the indication of the veterinary doctor. 2 to 3 tablets 2 hours before shipping. Nervous horses: 1 to 2 tablets one or two times a day according to needs. Nervous stallions: 1 to 2 tablets 2 hours before breeding. Nervous mares: 0,5 to 1 tablet per day last 10 days before birth. Give directly in the mouth mixed with honey.
Presentation: Bottle with 20 tablets..
Formula: Oxazepam, Methionine, Magnesium oxide, Excipient.

Presentation: x 20 comp.
Action: Tranquilizer
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