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Agita 10 wg
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AGITA 10 WG is in a granular formulation for paint-on application after dissolving in water.
AGITA 10 WG's concentrated formulation makes it suitable for use primarily in larger operations, such as:
Poultry units (especially batteries for layers)
Pig fattening and pig breeding units
Dairy and calf units

AGITA contains thiamentoxam. This belongs to the neo-nicotinoid class of chemicals, which interfere with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors at the postsynaptic membrane.

This mode of action is different from that of organophospates, carbamates and pyrethroids, or, it is thought, from even the first generation neo-nicotinoids. This makes it well-suited to controlling flies that have become resistant to other products.

AGITA is ideal for use as part of an integrated fly control program, alongside a larvicidal product.

Duration of activity
AGITA remains active against adult flies for a full six months.
Targeted and easy application
AGITA need only be applied where flies are seen. Its paint-on formulation makes it easy to apply.

Packing: x 400g.

Presentation: x 400 g.
Action: Insecticide
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