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Cultivet Simple
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Uterine crops. Passing through the cervix and expel the gelatin capsule by applying moderate pressure on the tip of the inner tube. Put the swab into contact with the uterine mucosa; retract the inner tube so that the swab is contained within the outer tube and remove the uterus. You can leave the swab in the tube before proceeding to the crop, or you can break the toothpick that holds the swab into the culture medium.

Can also be used for crops of pharynx, nasal crops, cultivation of any crops or gallbladder deep cavity where it is necessary to protect the swab to prevent contamination of the group before it reaches the tissue under study.
Product for the exclusive use by veterinary surgeons, according to the techniques that fall within its domain and knowledge.
Warning: This ensures sterility while not open or the packaging is kept unharmed. If during the care or transfer the protective cap is loose, just put in place before opening the bag.

Sterility is guaranteed until it is opened or the packaging remains unscathed.

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