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Equi Trim
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Synthetic antibacterial compound (granulated)

Active Ingredients :
- Sulfamethoxazole – 60g - 
- Trimethoprim – 12g
- Inert ingredients q. s. – 100g

- Respiratory disorders of bacterial origin, urogenital disorders, digestive disorders, actinobacillosis, equine adenitis, septic arthritis, omphalitis, etc.

Dosage and administration:
- Exclusive oral administration. For an adult equine: 50mg/kg/day (considering the Sulfamethoxazole), which is equivalent to a measure al ras for each 200kg of body weight every 12 hours. For a suckling: 30mg/kg/day. In the first case the loading dose must be of 100mg/kg/day, and in the second case of 60mg/kg/day.

Presentation: 450g 

Presentation: x 450 g.
Action: Quimioterapics
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