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Metabolic Regulator
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Metabolic regulator

This is an inorganic metabolic regulator for stabled horses which are on a grain and pasture based diet. This diet generally has an imbalance in the relation Calcium-Phosphorous (1:4) and a deficiency in Magnesium.
This mineral imbalance can produce demineralization of the bones and increases the risk of osteo-articulary injuries as a consequence of the increased fragility of the bones. In growing foals, there are disorders in development and also osteo-chondrosis. On the other hand the shortage of Magnesium predisposes the animals to suffer from a reduction in the absorption of Calcium, so deeping this disorder.
Surcalce quickly restores calcemia and magnesemia. In chronic disorders it is recommended to combine this treatment with Vitamin D (Shokade)

Its use is recommended for mares in the last 3-4 months of gestation, for young colts and animals in the growing phase and for all stabled horses which receive diets based on pasture and grains. Its use is highly recommended for sport horses, because physical activity increases the stress on the long bones and articulations of the limbs.

1mL/20 k body weight
Do not apply more than 1mL Ca/min. Heart failure can occur if administered more than 7.0 – 7.7mmol/L (28-30mg/dL)
Pregnant mares: Repeat every 30 days over the last 3 – 4 months of pregnancy and 2 first months of lactation.
Sport horses: Repeat treatment every 60 days If hipocalcaemia and hipomagnesemia symptoms are present, repeat every 15 days.

It has a wide safety margin and has no undesired collateral effects at recommended doses.

Keep the product in a clean, dry place between 5º and 35ºC and out of children's reach.
Veterinary Use

Surcalce Formula Quantities
Calcium borogluconate
2,0 g
Calcium gluconate
21,14 g
Magnesium hypophosphite
8,0 g
Formulation agents qs
100 ml

Presentation: x 100 ml.
Action: Metabolic Regulator
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