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Benefits: The bronchodilator action of CLENBUTEROL chlorhidrate makes CLENPULMIN an elected product for respiratory diseases treatment with bronchoespasmodic symptomatology and of all those where therapy with Bronchoespasmolitic effect favors its resolution. Its activity is effectively revealed in either acute or chronic respiratory diseases, which allows its use in symptomatic therapy of emergency or in prolonged treatments.

Indications:V Bronchospasm. Bronchitis. Bronchiolite. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. Respiratory allergies of different origins. As a cooperator of antibiotic treatment of bronchopulmonary infections.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology: 2,5 ml. every 100 Kg (220lb) of live weight (0,8 mg/kg LW,) twice a day. SLOW ENDOVENOUS INJECTION. The duration of treatment depends on Veterinary Doctor criteria.

Presentation: Ampoule bottle x 50 ml.

Formula: Clenbuterol chlorhidrate 3.2 mg, Excipient q.s. 100ml

Presentation: x 50 ml.
Action: Bronchodilator
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