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M.V. Plus granulado
Cardiotonic Bronchodilator Defatigant
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Cardio respiratory stimulant. Defatigant- Bronchodilator.

Benefits: M V GRANULADO is composed by the association of a respiratory stimulant and a specific corrector of the cardiac muscle anoxia. It acts directly stimulating the respiratory center and the saturation grade of hemoglobin, as a result of what it acts against fatigue. M V GRANULADO increases the volume of air which is breathed on progressive form, and its effect endures several hours. It is absolutely innocuous, it does not present secondary reactions and may be administered as many times as necessary without becoming accustomed to it.
Indications: Bronchial spasm. Respiratory depression, To increase the volume of air breathed in. Cardiac anoxia. To reduce fatigue. To avoid hemorrhage of effort. Prophylactic of allergic reactions because of sensibility to different allergens (straw bed, shavings, etc.).
Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.
Posology: A measure (10g) per each 200kg of LIVEWEIGHT twice a day. Administrate exclusively by mouth to sport horses. Prolonged treatment may be made neither with adverse consequences or complications.
Presentation: Jar x 500 g.
Formula: Sodium succinate, UTP, Clenbuterol Hydrochloride, Excipient.

Presentation: x 500 g.
Action: Cardiotonic
Action: Bronchodilator
Action: Defatigant
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