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Ventipulmin Polvo
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Bronchodilator, bronchospasmolytic for horses.

Clenbuterol 1.6 g.
Excipients c.s. 100 g

Bronchodilator specific for horses based on Clenbuterol. Acts at the level of the beta receptors of the bronchial musculature. The bronchospasmolytic action in the cell eliminates dyspnea and normalizes respiration. It prevents the release of Histamine by stabilizing the membrane of the mast cells. Reduces the formation of mediators of inflammation (Prostaglandins and Leucotrins) Increases secretomotor activity (ciliary movement) by increasing cellular energy metabolism. Bronchodilator
- Dilates obstructed bronchi and fluidifies and eliminates viscous mucus, increasing pulmonary ventilation.

- The first specific bronchodilator.

- Eliminates dyspnea and normalizes breathing.

- Reduces the formation of mediators of inflammation and the release of Histamine.
- Increases secretomotor activity.

Bronchodilator For the treatment of bronchial cough and spasms COPD Bronchitis

Administer 1 measure every 200 kg of live weight 2 times per day mixed in the dry ration. Example, a horse of 500 kg will receive 2 and a half measures, 2 times per day.

Presentation: x 500 g.
Action: Bronchodilator
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