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A.T.P. Shock
Muscular Tonic
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Dynamogener Suppository of immediate Action

Benefits: The muscular dynamics is the result of a sequence of biological reactions made in the cell inside and which consists of extracting the chemical energy accumulated in the glucose and to transform it to work that is valued as performance in event, in horses and camelides. Such an energy comes from the degradation of glucose through several biochemical mechanisms in which the ATP and the UTP. takes part in. The reduced glutation takes part in the muscle contraction acting as redox system. ATP SHOCK, because of its immediate action, puts the animal in optimum conditions to get the maximum advantage of all its potential and allows to reach with an energetic reserve which trains it to keep a constant level of performance.

Indications: Non specific tonic of immediate action. Weakness states. Over training. Any kind of excessive work. Any time the level of the muscle work is need to be increased.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology: Apply one suppository 2 – 3 hours before the event.

<Presentation: Box containing one suppository x 8 g.

Formula: UTP 50mg, ATP 250mg, Glucose 250mg, Glutathione 250mg, Excipients.

Presentation: Suppository x 8 g.
Action: Muscular Tonic
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