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Vitamin Mineral Restorative Muscular Tonic
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Qualicuantitative Formula

Each 100 ml Oral Amino Acid contains:

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) 30 mg

Vitamin A palmitate 170,000 IU

Vitamin D2 10,000 IU

Vitamin E acetate 150 IU

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCl) 600 IU

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 150 mg

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) 180 mg

Vitamin B12 (Cianocobalamin 4,000 mcg

Vitamin B15 (Pangamin Acid) 300 mg

Nicotinamide 300 mg

Calcium Pantothenate 180 mg

L Potassium Aspartate 400 mg

L Magnesium Aspartate 300 mg

Arginine HCL 500 mg

Lysine HCL 500 mg

L Leucine 250 mg

L Isoleucine 250 mg

Ammonium Iron Citrate 225 mg

Selenite Sodium anhydrous 70 mg

Excipients q.s. 100 ml


General builder for all species.

Physical asthenia. Decreased performance. Animals in training. Post-surgical convalescence or after infectious and / or parasitic diseases.

Dehydration. Ion imbalance. Diarrhea. Replacement of fluids. Shock states. Hypoproteinemia. Energizing.


Large animals (Equines and Bovines) Adults: 20,00 ml

Calves and Foals: 10.00 ml

Sheep and Pigs: 10.00 ml

Canines and felines: 1 ml every 10 kg

Birds: 1 ml / Liter of drinking water

Treatment duration

Treatment can be done for 7 days

Routes of administration

 The product is given orally.


Performance Enhancer and Animal Conversion Rate

Multivitamin. Basic treatment for highly demanding competences

Weightloss. Stimulation of appetite

Physical exhaustion. More energy

Recovery of sick, needy and injured animals. Protein supply.

Dehydration. Detoxification. Fatigue resistance. Decreases rickets.

In birds:

The set of vitamins and amino acids are of fast absorption and great power of nutritional effectiveness increasing the conversion. It acts as a breeder of the shell, infertility (light eggs), undeveloped plumage, slow seedlings. Increased posture percentage. Ideal to prevent and / or treat animals in stress state by vaccination, changes of climate, changes, etc.

Presentation: x 1 L.
Action: Vitamin
Action: Mineral
Action: Restorative
Action: Muscular Tonic
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