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CH 77
Muscular Tonic
(Code: 0003-0014)

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Active stimulant

Benefits: CH 77 is an active stimulant based on Magnesium Ascorbate and other drugs that strengthen its action. CH 77 acts improving work capacity and muscular endurance, aids normal respiratory rythm, compensates excessive cardiac effort and eliminates fatigue. CH 77 stimulates the vital force and boost in order to speed up without affecting any organic function.

Indications: Immediate preparation for the event. To activate animals physically diminished by age, illness, excessive work. Respiratory insufficiency. Anesthesia depression.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology: According to the indication of the veterinary doctor. Preparation for the event: Horses of more than 400 k: 5 to 10 ml. Horses of less than 400 k and mares: 4 to 8 ml. Animals physically diminished: 5 ml. every other day, in series of 10 to 20 injections, according to necessity.

Presentation: Ampoule bottle x 10 ml.

Formula: Magnesium ascorbate 10g, Niketamide 15g, formulation agents q.s 100ml

Presentation: x 10 ml.
Action: Muscular Tonic
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