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Chinfood fuerte
Vitamin Mineral
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Vitamin mineral supplement with aminoacids specially balanced for THOROUGHBREDS and SPORT HORSES.

Benefits: CHINFOOD FUERTE is a food supplement specially adapted for THOROUGHBREDS and SPORT HORSES which formula has been balanced taking into account the quali- quantitative characteristics of ration, to be administered since animal birth to its retirement.

Indications: Growing, lack of appetite and strength animals. Convalescence, Pregnancy. Lactation. Preparation for the event. Excessive work.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology: 50 ml twice a day, directly in mouth. Administrate 10
continuous days in the mouth. In diminished animals give during 15 or 30 continuous days or according to the indication of the veterinary doctor. Repeat treatment when necessary.

Presentation: Bottle x 1 L / Jar x 5 L, 10 L

Formula: Vitamin A 25mg, Vitamin B1100mg, Vitamin B2 30mg, Vitamin B6 20mg, Vitamin B12 1mg, Vitamin B13 50mg, Vitamin 15 3mg, Vitamin C 1000mg, Vitamin D2 1mg, Vitamin E 30mg, Vitamin H 0.1mg, Folic acid 2mg, Calcium lactate 4000mg, Monocalcium phosphate 2000mg, Magnesium gluconato 2500mg, Manganese sulfate 30mg, Magnesium aspartate 500mg, Potassium aspartate 500mg, Copper sulfate 20mg, Iron sulfate 200mg, Cobalt sulfate 30mg, Zinc sulfate 20mg, Lysine 500mg, Methionine, Nicotinamide 75mg, Potassium iodure 100mg, Calcium Panthothenate 50mg, Sodium chloride 100mg, Excip. q.s 100 ml


Presentation: x 1 L.
Action: Vitamin
Action: Mineral
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