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Chinfood inyectable
Vitamin Mineral
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Mineral-multivitaminics specially balanced for THOROUGHBREDS

Benefits: Association of essential vitamins and minerals

Indications: Dietary Supplement. Animals in training. Preparation for the event. Weakness.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology: 10 ml of each bottle, mixed in the same sringe daily, every other day, or more distant. Preparation for the event: 10 ml of each bottle mixed daily during 6 days. According to Vet. Criteria. Injection MUST BE PREPARED immediately before application.

Route of Administration: SLOW IV injection.

Presentation: Bottle No.1 (Vitamins) and Bottle No.2 (Minerals), of 50 ml each.

Formula: Bottle Nº1: Nikethamide 10g, Calcium Pantothenate 100mg,Vitamin B1 1g, Vitamin B2 100mg, Vitamin B6 100mg, Nicotinamide 500mg, Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 10mg, Vitamin B13 (orotic acid) 100mg, Vitamin B15 (diisopropylamine dichloroacetate) 100mg, Vitamin A 250mg, Vitamin C 5g, Vitamin D 1.25g, Vitamin E ( alfa tocopherol acetate) 100mg, formulation agents q.s 100ml
Bottle Nº2: Edetate Calcium 10g, Edetate Cobalt 500mg, Edetate Cupric 100mg, Edetate Iron 1g, Edetate Magnesium 2g, Magnesium Aspartate 2g, Potassium Aspartate 1g, Sodium Phosphate 1g, formulation agents q.s 100ml

Presentation: x 50 ml.
Action: Vitamin
Action: Mineral
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