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Combio B-2000
Anti-anemic Vitamin
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Compound B with H3 factor. Injectable.

Combio Nº1:
Thiamine hydrochloride 500 mg.
Rivoflavina phosphate 50 mg.
Nicotinamide 1.000 mg.
Vitamin B15 100 mg.
Piridoxina hydrochloride 100 mg.
Calcium Pantotenato 50 mg.
Combio Nº2:
Vitamin B12 2.000 mcgr.
Procaina (Factor H3) 1.500 mg.
Excipient c.s.p. 20 ml.

Animals subdued to a hard phisic and animic weakening (race, jump or polo horses, etc.). Arthritic states. Neuropatías. Muscular atrophy muscular. Anemic states. Pains from muscular, nervous or, rheumatic origin. In every cases where the B complex will be indicated.

In every cases, mix the contents of the bottle # 1 with the # 2. Big animals:
1 ampolus alternate days.
Medium animals:
1/2 ampolus alternate days. In series of 5-10 aplicac. These doses and the duration of the treatment can be changed depending on the case and/or the professional criterion.
Intramuscular, Subcutaneous or Endovenous slow way.

Botles of 20 ml. Combio # 1 and # 2.

Presentation: x 20 ml.
Action: Anti-anemic
Action: Vitamin
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