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Nutricional Supplements
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Nutraceutic therapeutic and preventive supplement

Benefits: The high-intensity but short-term muscle work performed by a horse during a short distance competition- 400 to1200 m- is an anaerobic activity, for muscles that do not use, as a source of energy, oxygen but ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and creatine phosphate, a protein-based substance that the human system synthesizes naturally from Glycine and Arginine- two essential aminoacids. The reserves of creatine phosphate is quickly used up in a short distance race. This decreases the capacity of muscle contraction with the consequent loss of speed. However, it has been proved that an adequate supplementation of Creatine Chinfield- a powder supplement based on Creatine Monohydrate and ATP plus glucose, aids to the increase of reserve of this substance in the muscle, preventing its quick use-up as well as allowing to more speed during longer time. Creatine Chinfield is an ergogenic product and an authorized OTC drug.

Indications: One of the main reasons for the equine athlete to lose speed at the end of sports competitions is the shortage of creatine phosphate reserves, which, together with ATP, constitute the primary source of energy in short-term maximum effort. The shortage of these elements cause failure in the contractile capacity of the muscle. The addition of exogenous creatine increases the possibility of total storing of this substance in the muscle, thus retarding the shortage of creatine phosphate in high intensity contractions. It is an ergogenic product primarily indicated to animals developing anaerobic activities such as explosive and short-term exercise.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology: Posology and administration: Doses for 500 kg/ Equines. Loading phase: 25 g, 3 times a day, during 7 consecutive days. Maintenance phase: 25 g daily. It is recommended a minimum of 8 administrations including the day of the event. Prolonged or chronic use should be avoided and replaced by cyclical or periodic use, administering according
to indications above. Do not use in treatments longer than 20 days. When recommencing treatment, indications in both phases should be repeated. It is recommended to begin treatment 15 days before the event.

Presentation: Jar x 2 lbs 3.2 oz.

Formula: Creatine monohydrate 80g, ATP 0.2g, Glucose19.8g.

Presentation: x 1 Kg.
Action: Nutricional Supplements
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