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Derby Queratin
Nutricional Supplements Vitamin
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Hoof and hair improver supplement.
Supplement specially formulated to maintain and improve the health of the hoof, skin and hair piles of horses.
Maintains the quality of structure and healthy growth of the hoof and skin from the inside out.
It provides the ideal support to improve the health of the helmet in case of laminitis, dry helmet, cracks and excessive exposure to moisture.
Hairy pile, mane and tail soft and shiny.

Ingredients: Biotin, Methionine, Lysine, Chelate Zinc, Iodine, Soy lecithin, Excipients.. Formulation:

Soy Lecithin  12,5 %
Methionine  75 g
Biotin  375 mg
Chelate Zinc  5160 ppm
Iodine  49,3 ppm
Excipients enough to  3000 g 

• Dosage of attack: 40 g / day for 14 days.
• Maintenance dose: 20 g / day.
• Manage with the ration.

Presentation: 3 kg.
Action: Nutricional Supplements
Action: Vitamin
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