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Duva Rehidratante
(Code: 0004-0040)

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Electrolític Rehydration with aminoacids.
Injectable Solution

Calcium chloride anhydro 0,5 gr.
Magnesium chloride 0,3 gr.
Cobalt Chloride 0,1 gr.
Potasium Citrate 1,0 gr.
Sodium Chloride 8,5 gr.
Sodium Citrate 1,0 gr.
Glucose 25,0 gr.
Fructose 25,0 gr.
L-Arginina 1,5 gr.
L-Histidina Chlorhidrato 1,2 gr.
L-Leucina 1,2 gr.
L-Triptofano 0,5 gr.
L-Cystine 0,5 gr.
L-Lysine 1,6 gr.
L-Glycine 3,6 gr.
L-Methionine 1,5 gr.
Bidestillated water csp. 1.000 ml.

Deshydratation of any etiology (diarrhea, vomits etc.). Intoxications. Tire physical states. Lost of electrolytes. Hemorrhages. Stress. Hypoproteinemias. Polyurias. Hepatopaties. Intense Sweat. Convalescencia. Overtraining. Surgery o Traumatic Shock. Inappetence.

Guide Dose: 0,5-1 ml. per kg. p.v.
Bovines, Equines, Ovinae, Pigs, Canines and Felines.
This dose can be changed or repeated as the case or the professional criterion.
Endovenous or Subcutaneous Way..

Packing x 500 ml.

Presentation: x 500 ml.
Action: Rehidratante
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