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GF 25%
Muscular Tonic Restorative Diuretic Detoxifying
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High concentration of glucose and fructose. Immediate energy allowance. Diuretic and detoxifying agent. Controls metabolic acidosis.

Category: Energetics.
Suited for: Horses. Pigs. Dairy cattle.

High concentration of glucose and fructose.
Immediate energy allowance.
Detoxifying action.
Physiological diuretic.
Regulation of metabolic acidosis.


Injectable solution of high concentration of glucose and fructose, rapid-metabolization sugars and immediate energy allowance.


Every 100 ml contains:

Component Quantity
Injectable pure glucose 25 gr.
Injectable pure fructose 25 gr.
Double distilled water q.s. 100 ml.

Energy supplement, detoxifying agent and liver restorative.

Treatment of metabolic acidosis. Diuretic.

Cerebral edema, heat stroke, shock, diarrhea.

For cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, cats and dogs.

Route of administration

Very slow intravenous injection.


Except otherwise prescribed by vet, the recommended daily dose is: 10 to 20 ml per 100 kg live weight).

Precautions and contraindications

Do not exceed maximum recommended dose.
Administer only via intravenous injection.
Do not administer to dehydrated animals until having made a proper rehydration therapy.

100 ml multidose vial

Presentation: x 100 ml.
Action: Muscular Tonic
Action: Restorative
Action: Diuretic
Action: Detoxifying
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