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Hemoplus Forte
Restorative Metabolic Activator
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Multi-restorer Association with Phosphorous

Haematinic restorer complex and tonic in injectable solution. Imperative hematopoietic, antianaemic activator and metabolic stimulant Catalytic enzymatic metallic cofactors, active and bioavailable

Prevention and treatment of every type of haematopoiesis disorder, anaemia of alimentary, infectious ,parasite origin or post hemorrhagic origin.
General restorer, tonic for the metabolism, weakness and weight loss disorders because of food deficiencies, exhaustion produced by excessive work, lack of appetite, convalescence from parasite illness, infections and food poisoning. It improves the appearance of sport horses.

Adult horses: 10 to 12 ml
Foals: 5 to 10 ml Slow IV; IM, SC 5 doses, every 3 days
Severe cases: every 24 hrs
Preparing animals for sport events: twice a week

At indicated doses, there are no contraindications.

Keep the product in a clean, dry place, between 5ºC and 35ºC out of children's reach.
Veterinary use.

How supplied
Flask x 100 mL

Hemoplus ForteFormula Quantities
Cobalt gluconate
0.07 g
Copper gluconate
0.02 g
Manganes gluconate

0.02 g
Vitamin B12

0.015 g
Folic acid

1.5 g
Sodium cacodylate trihydrate

2.0 g
Ammonium ferric citrate

2.0 g
Sodium Glycerophosphate

1.0 g
Formulation agents

100 ml

Presentation: x 100 ml.
Action: Restorative
Action: Metabolic Activator
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