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Polivitaminico Cume 1000
Vitamin Mineral
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Oral Vitaminic.

Every 100 ml. contains:
Vitamin A 100.000 Ul.
Vitamin B1 0,300 g.
Vitamin B2 0,160 g.
Vitamin B6 0,010 g.
Vitamin E 0,013 g.
Glutamic Acid 0,020 g.
Calcium Gluconate 6,000 g.
Magnesium chloride 6,000 g.
Cobalt chloride 0,050 g.
Choline Hypochloride 0,100 g.
Pure honey 32,500 g.
Saccharose 25,000 g.
Glucose 34,000 g.
Sodium Benzoate 0,040 g.
Bidistillate water csp. 100 ml.

Lack states of vitamins and minerals, rickets, lack of development. As a nutritional complement during the training and for the maintenance of a continuous performance.

Equines, bovines: 50 ml. per each common ration. The application must be during 10 days; and after 15 resting days the medicine must be repeated depending on the animal conditions.
Buccal way.

Plastic bottle x 1.000 ml.

Presentation: x 1 L.
Action: Vitamin
Action: Mineral
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