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Restorative Vitamin
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Electrolite, Vitamin and amino acid restorer

Arginine, glycine and lysine have an anabolic and anti-fatigue effect on muscular tissue.
Glucose helps the recovery of energy reserves as muscular glycogen and also helps hepatic metabolism during metabolization of organic wastes after hard exercise.
The B group vitamins and minerals which form this product have important functions as coenzymes in the energy and protein metabolism of the organism, benefiting rapid recovery after hard exercise.
Electrolytes such as Sodium and Potassium allow the cells to recover their osmotic stability and helps hydro-regulation.
Sodium acts also in the regulation of the acid-base balance, while Potassium supports important functions in neuro-transmission and muscular and cardiac contraction.

It is an energetic, electrolytic, vitamin and mineral restorer of the tissues.
Its use is recommended for dehydration after hard exercise or after the administering of furosemide prior to competition, since this produces a large decrease of electrolytes. In diaphragmatic flutter, exhausted horse syndrome, exercise fatigue, rhabdomyolysis and intoxications produced by medicines.
Other stressful situations when its use is recommended are serious infectious or parasite illnesses, heat shock and dehydration, during their recovery stage.

1-2 mL/K body weight; once a day
Slow IV
During competition periods of high temperatures and humidity, apply 500mL.

Recovery has no contraindications at recommended doses

Apply only to sport horses.
Treated animals must not be used for human consumption.
Keep the product in a clean, dry place between 4º C and 30ºC and out of children's reach.
Veterinary use.

Flask x 500 ml sterile injectable solution.

Recovery Formula Quantities
L-Arginine HCl
200 mg
L-Lysine HCl
200 mg
350 mg
500 mg
Glucosa anhydrous
5.000 mg
Vitamin E
1.000 UI
Thiamine HCl
20 mg
Pyridoxine HCl
10 mg
Ascorbic Acid
1.500 mg
150 mg
Cholin bitartrate
500 mg
Calcium chloride
123 mg
Potassium chloride
62 mg
Sodium chloride
620 mg
Magnesium gluconate
200 mg
Formulation agents qs
100 ml

Presentation: x 500 ml.
Action: Restorative
Action: Vitamin
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