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Magnesium and Calcium Salts.
Magnesium salts combined with calcium salts in a maximally concentrated glucose hypertonic solution.

Original development of Richmond Laboratories Veterinary Division Corp.

UNIMAG provides four different organic Magnesium salts of high bioavailability, in combination with an organic Calcium salt."


Injectable. SC use: Bovines 2.5 ml/50 kg. Ovine & Porcine 5.0 ml/50 kg. IV use in emergency: up to 100 ml total.


SC & IV Injectable


530 cc vial of sterile injectable solution.


When to use UNIMAG?

Magnesium does not have any organ of reserve or specific deposit in the organism of animals. This nutrient can be found in every cell activating a precise broad enzimatic system necessary for living, maintenance and animal production.

Animals (specially ruminants) under shepherding or fed on natural or artificial camps frequently suffer from physiological disbalance in their Magnesium needs. This situation can be produced by a lack of Magnesium on the diet, by a block of Magnesium in the rumen or by a negative imbalance between the ingested Magnesium and the requirements under particular circumstances (e.g.. lactation, pregnancy, weaning, stress situations, intense cold, windy days, transportation etc).

Under dislikable shepherding conditions

Situation description:

1. Cows fall down and die rapidly, sometimes with neuromuscular symptoms (twitching, aggressiveness) or no symptoms at all to the necropsy.

This situation affects all animals in the group, every day a cow shows signs of imbalance and dies if not treated. The rest of the group show tremors and twitches and other cows may fall down and die during confinement.

Shepherding conditions: young winter or spring wheat, oats and other cereal grasses.

Climate conditions: cloudly, rainy, cold or windy days.


For the group: the animals often present extremely low levels of Mg and the energy demand is very high. Apply 2,5 to 3 cc every 50 kg SQ of UNIMAG, animals must be confined carefully. Repeat after 20 days. If the dislikeable conditions continue, repeat every 45 to 60 days.

Urgency treatment for animals with neuromuscular signs: apply till 100 cc IV of UNIMAG; if the patient stands up during application of the product, suspend it immediately. If it does'nt stand up after the treatment but shows a normal state, IV treatment can be repeated after 6 hours. If it stands up once the treatment is finished, it is recommended to apply 2,5 cc SQ of UNIMAG.

2. The group is feeding on winter cereals, but shows poor or no rate growth during the first 60-90 days, some animals may present signs of diarrhea. Animals were well fed but didn´t gain weight in the same proportion.

Treatment: prevent this situation by applying 2,5 cc every 50 kg SQ 3 or 4 days before the animals begin to feed on this kind of grass. The treatment must be repeated every 45 to 60 days until the cereals grow old.

Note: The product is not a growth promoter, the situation described before is a reference of sub clinical hypomagnesaemia in young animals.

When the animal needs more Mg than the amount provided in its diet.

Situation description:

This situation applies to dairy or beef cattle during the last term of pregnancy when the animals begin calving in winter. Many females fall down soon after given birth and -with the proper medical attention- get up (see Urgency treatment already described); others die rapidly without showing any signs.

Preventive Treatment

Dairy cattle: 2,5 cc every 50 kg SQ when lactation is over, repeat one week before and one week after calving.

Beef cattle: 2,5 to 3 cc every 50 kg SQ, it is recommended to separate the females into groups of similar date of calving.

Preventive treatment for animals that are going to suffer changes in the diet or management:

-Prior to shipment.

-Before weaning.

-In the process of adaptation to feed lot.

-Before feeding on low quality grass.

-When climate conditions are unfavourable and stressing (very cold, rainy, cloudly, or windy days).

UNIMAG is a complementary treatment to support basic management and diet intake under all of these stressing circumstances.



UNIMAG is a oversaturated solution, therefore it can lose its stability if its not storage conveniently (between 10 and 30 ºC).

Always consult your veterinarian. Shake before use. Recicled container. Destroy after use.


- Do not mix Unimag in the same syringe o similar containers with other products.

- Do not apply more than 10cc in the same inoculation point.

- Not to be swalowed. Keep out of children´s reach.

- Storage between 10 y 30 ºC, in a dark clean location.

- Verify the integrity of container before use.


- Control respiration and cardiac rate before and after administrating the emergency treatment of Unimag IV.

- Stop administration inmediately if adverse reactions appear.

- Inject the IV solution at a body temperature range."

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