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Vitonal B
Vitamin Mineral
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Balanced Ionic Solution, specially developed to instantly reverse symptoms of parturient paresis.
Organic salts of Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorua, Potassium, Chlorine and Sodium combined with Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) and Caffeine in a glucose hypertonic solution.

Original development of Richmond Laboratories Veterinary Division Corp.

When a bovine loses in an involuntary way its hability to stand up; the only way to save its life is to rapidly overcome its mineral defficiencies.

VITONAL-B is a balanced ionic solution, with organic salts of Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Chlorine and Sodium combined with Thiamine (nerve-regulator) and Caffeine (muscle stimulant).


Suggested Dosage; To be used in cattle of any race, age or sex.

• Urgency- Milk fever or parturient paresis.

Apply 50 to 100 ml IV slowly every 100 kg.


1. Use steril via to administrate parenteral solutions (perfus with macro-dropper) and -with the plastic side- perforate the gum top of the container in order to reach the content.

2. Put upside down the container in order to live the liquid evacuate the air into the cannula. This procedure ends when the liquid freely fluids into the opposite side (manoeuvre to purge).

3. Once the jugular via is reached by the needle -counting on being at the venous layer- the point of the cannula is connected with needle, the container is put the container upside down and then the administration of the product by gravity or continuous drop is able to start. The liquid flow could be accelerated by perforating the container bottom with a sterile needle (it must be left in this place, previous sterilization with a cotton and alcohol of the surface to perforate).

4. Control respiration and cardiac rate before and after administrating VITONAL-B. Stop administration inmediately if adverse reactions appear.

Dosage can be repeated up to two to three times the indicated dose, 20 minutes must past between IV administrations.

The solution efficiency can be evaluated by how quickly the animals stands up, if that happens during IV administration, suspend inmediately and continue with SQ support treatment.

Support treatment:

Inmediately after the animals stands up, administrate 15 to 20 ml every 100 kg SQ, divide and give in four different locations.

24 hours after the animal recovers, apply SQ 40 ml if it weighs more than 250 kg or 20 ml if the animal weighs less than 250 kg, give in two separate locations."


Injectable "down cow" emergency treatment: IV use


VITONAL-B 530 ml vials of steril injectable solution.


VITONAL-B is indicated in all of those circunstances in wich a bovine falls down and is unable to get up by its own means. (fractures or/and amputations are not included).

It is suggested to use VITONAL-B to treat parturient paresis, the solution rapidly reverses symtomps of acute post-partum hypocalcaemia, hypomagnesaemic tetany, acute hypophosphataemia, hypokalemia, keto-acidosis, hypo-energetic syndrome, myositis, rhabdomyolysis, hyponutrition, caquexia and states of general metabolic imbalances.


General treatment for an emergency:

• It is important to prevent in ruminants left lateral recumbency, this can lead to timpanism. If so, try to get the animal to a sternal recumbency.

• Take care by all means of operator and animals integrity.

• In dairy cattle is important not to overmilk recovered animals, to avoid a rapid exit of minerals thought the milk.

• Better results show is the animal begins treatment within 6 hours of the iniciation of symptoms. After that period, treatment of homeostasis should be considered.

• It is recommended to perform a previus clinical exam to eliminate traumatic causes or hypoglucemia.




- Do not mix in the same syringe o similar containers Vitonal-B with other products.

- Not to be swallowed. Keep out of the reach of children.

- Storage between and 4 and 30ºC, in a dark and clean location.

- Verify the integrity of container before use.

Presentation: x 530 ml.
Action: Vitamin
Action: Mineral
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