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Bovicine R (Ricobendazol 15%)
Antiparasitic internal
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Board spectrum internal antiparasitic.
Ricobendazole 15g (Albendazole sulfoxide)


• Cow : 3.75 mg per kg. Equivalent to 1 ml every 40 kg. Via: SC only. Inhibited Ostertagia – 7.5 mg/kg. Equivalent to 2 ml every 40 kg.


SC via.


Vial container 500ml. Multidoses container.


Bovicine R is indicated for the treatment and control of lung and gastrointestinal parasites in cows.

Its active compound is Ricobendazol, a molecule belonging to the Benzimidazoles group, specifically derived from Albendazol.

Ricobendazol is quickly incorporated from its inoculation point, where therapeutic levels are identified in plasma 15 minutes after its application.

Bovicine R showed plasmatic concentration in beaks that were registered 4 hours after the treatment. They were 0.70 ug/ml in a 5 mg/kg dose and 1.7 ug/ml in a 7.5 mg/kg dose.

42 hours after treatment, Albendazol Sulfoxido plasma and its sulfone metabolite were identified.

Ricobendazol average life spam is 6 hours, with 8 hours resistant capacity.

Bovicine R is characterized by quick absorption, high beak concentration and a long duration in plasma.


Indications and Use.

Bovicine R is indicated for control and treatment of the following parasite species:

Gastrointestinal roundworms ( adults, larva and eggs) – Haemonchus sp.

Trichostrongylus sp., Ostertagia ostertagi (including inhibited larva), Cooperia sp., Nematodirus sp., Bunostomun sp., Oesphagostomun sp., Strongiloydes sp.

Lung Worms (adults, larvas and eggs) – Dictyocaulus sp.

Boviciene R, as all benzimidazoles group drugs, acts over the parasite energetic metabolism, thus selectively inhibiting the reductasa fumarato enzima and interfering in the tubuline synthesis.

This way of action allows the drug to act during the different parasite stages.


- Do not apply EV or IM;

- Do not apply more than 10 ml on each inoculation. Some animals may show an inflammatory reaction on the inoculated area, it disappears after two weeks with no treatment."


- Do not swallow.

- Keep away from children's reach.

- Temperature 5 and 25ºC, protected of direct sun light, dry and clean spot.

- Keep asepsis and antisepsis conditions before and during application."


- Wait 30 days after last application to take meat for human consumption.

- Wait 3 days after last treatment to take milk for human consumption.

- Do not apply on pregnant females during the first 45 days.

- Do not apply on animals that suffer from serious heart, kidney, hepatic insufficiency.

- The animals should not be under stress before and after the drug application.

- Do not mix with other products.

- Destroy once used.

Presentation: x 500 ml.
Action: Antiparasitic internal
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