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Antiparasitic internal
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Broad spectrum anthelmintic parasite depressor agent against flat and round worms. Flavored gel to be administered orally.
Ivermectin 2g, Praziquantel 10g, apple essences and flavourings.

Original development of Richmond Laboratories Veterinary Division Corp.


Suggested dosage:

The suggested dose is 1gr/100 kg. However, doses and frequency of administration are to be determined by a veterinarian.

Suggested strategic deworming treatment:

Stabled horses should be treated every 60-90 days; although, they can be treated twice a year, in Autumn and Spring.


Equiverm can be used in pregnant mares regardless of gestation period. It is safe to be used in stallions and foals, since it does not alter libido or spermatogenesis.


EQUIVERM is supplied in ready to use syringes. Before using the product, adjust the ring on the graded scale according to the animal's weight.

Once the dose has been determined, open the syringe while holding it in upright position so that the product does not spill. Check there is no food in the horse's mouth and place the syringe in the interdental space, on the base of the tongue and press the syringe. Measure the dose until it reaches the limit set by the ring. Lift the horse's head immediately so as to ensure the complete deglutition of the product.

Note: if the syringe is not used up, cover it with the original top and store as suggested in order to ensure the efficacy of the product.


Oral via. Ready to use syringes.


6 g dosifier syringes to be applied on 600 kg of weight.

18 g dosifier syringes to be applied on 1800 kg of weight.


EQUIVERM is indicated for the treatment and control of gastrointestinal and lung worms, nematodes, cestodes and the larva of dipters that cause myasis. It helps to control lice.


- Large estrongyles: adult stages of S. Equinus, S. Vulgaris, S. Edentaus and Trio-dontophorus spp.

- Small strongyles: adult stages of Cyathostomun spp., Cylicocyclus spp., Cylicostephanus spp., Gyalocephalus sp., Oxyuris equi, Trichostrongylus acei, adult and mammary stage of Strongyloides westeri. Mycrofilaries of Onchocerca sp., Habronema spp., Drasschia spp.

Ascarids: Parascaris equorum.

Lung nematodes: Adult and immature forms of Dictyocaulus arnifieldi.

Cestodes: Anoplocephala perfoliata, Anoplocephala magna, Paranoplocephala mamillana.

Lice: Haematopinus asini.


- Cavitary: Gasterophilus spp.

- Traumatic cutaneous: Collitroga Marcellaria and Homnivorax.


• Do not administer in horses with hepatic and/or renal damage.

• Swelling and pruritus may appear in the ventral line 24 hours after administration due to a hypersensitivity reaction caused by the massive death of Onchoserca sp. Mycrophilaries. This reaction can be prevented by administering glucocorticoids immediately before treatment and for one or two days after treating the animal with Equiverm. If not treated, the edema self-limits itself and disappears in 7 to 10 days after administering Equiverm. In many cases, the dermatitis improves within the 21 days following treatment.

• Do not adminster EQUIVERM neither in weak nor in stressed animals.


Do not use in animals destined for human consumption.


• Do not smoke or eat while handling the product.

• Do not swallow.

• Verify the integrity of the safety seal and storage conditions of the product prior to administration. Check expiration date printed on the label.

• Verify that the product is administered orally.

• Do not exceed the doses suggested on the label.

• Doses and warnings are to be determined by a veterinarian.

• Store the product between 4 and 25ºC.

• Keep out of sunlight. Store in a dry and hygienic place.

• The syringes must be destroyed after use and placed in containers that are collected by the corresponding entity. Containers will be classified and recycled by specialized companies.

• Protect the environment.

• Keep out of the reach of children.

• The product must not be opened or decanted, or exposed to the environment. These actions put the correct storage conditions and the integrity of the container at risk.

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Action: Antiparasitic internal
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